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31 July 2012

Review: Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One Shine-Free Foundation

I am in a hunt of drugstore products that are effective for me. First, because they are far cheaper than high-end make up brands that will surely cost me a fortune. Another reason is, drugstore makeups are readily available so I can purchase it anytime. Also, I can try them on first before purchasing, unlike the products sold online.

I want to have a powder foundation to set my BB Cream. I have made a review on EnCara BB Cream on my last post. The product is good but I need to set it with a powder foundation to lengthen the makeup and to match the color to my skin tone.

I went to the mall last time to check out and try some powder foundations and I found this Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One Shine-Free Foundation.

The product is contained in a box and another paper sleeve. The package is very girly because of the green and pink color combination. The back part points out all the benefits of the product. It claims:

  • Shine Control. Blend of water and sebum repellent powders keep skin matte and wonderfully fresh throughout the wear.
  • High UV Protection. SPF 25, among the highest in sun protection, shields from skin darkening, with PA++ for added protection
  • Instant Fairness. Infused with pro Vitamin C it instantly makes skin look fairer and more natural.
  • Dark Spots Blend Away. Ultra-fine powders and coated pigments effortlessly cover spots for fair and even skin.
  • Long Lasting. Breathable and lightweight, makeup stays true and even throughout the wear.
  • Visibly smooth complexion. Silky soft texture glides to visibly even out skin's surface for a smooth complexion.
  • Conceal Blemishes and Pores. Blemishes and pores are instantly concealed traceless. Skin looks flawless.
  • Tone Perfecting. Developed for South East Asian skin tone, each shade blends effortlessly all over for a natural non-cakey finish.
Now. let's take a look on the product itself.

It is in a very light pink sleek container. The foundation is on the left side and a sponge on the right. The container of the sponge has holes on it, which I think is for aeration. It also has a compact mirror which is very convenient. 

Here's a peek on how it looks on my face.

Left to Right: BB Cream applied; Applied Maybelline powder foundation; After 5 hours with the foundation on
I am not actually sure this time if the product works well for me. These photos were just taken with the day spent at home. I will be making another review with different makeup base/liquid foundation and different day activity.

But I love this as of the moment because:
  1. It gives a full coverage.
  2. The product is affordable for Php249.00.
  3. It is available on drugstores.
More updates will be posted soon. Please don't forget to follow me for updates. :)

EnCara BB Cream Review

I have not tried so much products for my face yet because sometimes I get so impatient in determining what shade would match my skin tone.

I have found this product review form a Pinay blogger from Cebu, Color is my Weapon by Noe Mae Villagonzalo. I found the review very interesting because this product suits Filipino skin. As much as I heard of, BB creams are really famous to Koreans, which made me think twice of purchasing BB creams in the past. And since it is on sale, I had to purchase one from Aila Apolo. She is selling it for Php499.00 instead of Php999.00.

So here's my review.

The packaging is very elegant! It was sent to me packed in a bubble wrap. Which is a plus. The box is silver in a diamond-like (sorry, so hard to describe) shape. The product is in a black matte 50mL tube, very cute!

The product claims to have:

  1. Sun Protection (SPF 20)
  2. Whitening Effect
  3. Pearl Extract, Ginseng Extract
It also states the direction on how to use: "After the basic skin care, apply appropriate amount onto your skin and spread it with a gentle motion."

The photo on the left was bare whereas the right photo is with one layer of the BB Cream. Look how flawless it is!

Let's go to the face. I'm sorry for the tired looking face (*so ashamed). Hahahah. 

  • First photo: Bare face, only toner and moisturizer applied. Notice all the discolorations, pimple marks and the active pimple.
  • Second photo: I would like to show a close comparison so I applied BB cream on the right side of my face. It gave my face a semi matte finish. And what I like it is it acts as a concealer as well.
  • Third photo: Full face with BB Cream. The blemishes and the pimple were covered.

  1. Packaging.
  2. The price.
  3. The scent because it's fragrance-free. Haha!
  4. Can be used as a concealer and a makeup base. Perfect for everyday use.
  5. It does not cake! Perfect!
  1. Too light for me. So I still have to apply a powder foundation to match with my skin. I would also try to mix it with a liquid foundation to achieve the correct color to match my skin.
I hope this review is helpful for you. See you on my next reviews!

29 July 2012

CLOSED | Giveaway by MakeUpLove x FavorDeal Jewelry

Who wouldn't want vintage? They look so elegant when used accordingly. From earrings, to necklaces and watches, every piece says something about you!

So here's a giveaway by one of the bloggers I am following. She wants us to try these fab accessories that she have.

Here are the prices:

Photo owned by MakeUpLove

Winner 1 will get the Vintage Jewelry Set Auger Cute Owl Shape Ladies' Stud Earrings.
Winner 2 will receive the Vintage Unique Tennis Bracelet for Ladies.
And winner 3 will get the National Orange Yellow Beads Sexy Bib Necklace.

Lovely babies aren't they? Who wouldn't want to have those?

For more information about the give away, please follow this LINK and the mechanics are there! Good luck to us guys!

26 July 2012

CLOSED | Glaminar Makeup Artistry Giveaway by Product Arena by Celline08

Hey ladies!

Do you want to attend a makeup workshop but doesn't have funds for it? Same here. :( There are many workshops coming out today and I REALLY REALLY wanted to join. Have you heard of Glaminar Make Up Artistry? I bet you already did.

So I stumbled on this giveaway shared by Product Arena by Celline08. She was very kind to share this opportunity with other girls and I am one of the hoping. :)

I have read her blog about her experience on the Glaminar Artistry Workshop she attended last month. It brought me more excitement when I read it because it sounds and looks fun. The beauty gurus that admire were there. And I drool over the products that they used. I am so wanting to be a part of it.

So I am sharing the opportunity to be blessed with this workshop. All you have to do is to visit this LINK to know more about the giveaway. By the way she's giving away Php1000.00 Gift Certificate for the workshop valid until September 31, 2012.

Photo owned by Product Arena by Celline08.

Who wouldn't want to join. All the information are there to get a chance to be the lucky one! Good luck to all of us!

25 July 2012

Treasures to Keep

Me and my sister decided to publish our Facebook page primarily to sell all our old clothes. Fortunately, we were successful in doing so. Since we noticed that online selling is trending nowadays, we decided to continue this business venture.

We have our BEST SELLER ESPADRILLES DOLL SHOES! To ensure the quality of the product, we tried the products first and we never regretted it. These shoes are very comfortable and very trendy. The best thing about it is they are very affordable. Each pair only costs Php300.00. 

So here are the shoes I'm bragging about!

Cute aren't  they? So if you would like to see all the designs that we have, you can simply like our Facebook Page on the sidebar on the right.


Happy shopping ladies! 

24 July 2012

Makeup Looks to Achieve

Hi girls! 

I know we all want to perfect even just one look for our daily routine. Sometimes it will take time to achieve it.

I have done A LOT of readings and watched Youtube channels for me to learn.

And based on my researches, I have some tips on what makeup looks should we recreate or follow.

The NO MAKEUP Makeup Look
Sounds confusing right? Confusing it may seem, it is the simplest makeup look and the most basic that we should learn. It doesn't need to add more colors to our faces. We just need to make our faces flawless and hide some imperfections. The basic makeup essentials are foundation (not necessary actually); concealer to hide blemishes and discolorations; a cheek/lip tint for the color to look more natural; a mascara/eyelash curler which ever you prefer and a lip gloss. I recommend to use a BB Cream because it acts as a foundation and a concealer in one.

This technique is somewhat similar to the first one however this time we may add more colors and products to our face. This makeup look is very essential primarily for everyday. The BACK TO SCHOOL look may fall into this look. Since we don't need to wear a heavy makeup at school. This is also very convenient because it doesn't take time to do. What we need are the following: foundation, a finishing powder to pack the foundation on our face, concealer if needed, bronzer and blusher, a neutral eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and a lip color.

Here we can be more experimental. This look may be used for the day or for the night. You just have to vary the colors for the specific event. You may use brown for the day makeup and purple for night look. The main goal of this look is to create a smokey eyes that everyone would fall for. There are many blogs and youtube channels that you can search on this.

This will be more challenging for us since we have to recreate a makeup look by someone famous. We do not intend to really look exactly like them but we will be using their look as a basis. Since they use high-end brands of make up, we can experiment on drugstore cosmetics to achieve the look.

This way of using cosmetics is very creative. There are no basis for this look. But you can have an inspiration to create a loo. For instance, the rainbow. Since the rainbow has many colors, you may put several colors on your eyes. No limitations, the way you want it! This is best use for creative shots and avante-garde shoots.

These information are self-opinionated. How about you, what are the looks that you like to master?

23 July 2012

Basic Personal Makeup Workshop by Stella Jezebelle

Hi ladies!

I know many of you are wondering why many women today are hooked on cosmetics. I had that feeling before I discovered the real essence of applying makeup. I found an answer: 



There are many products coming out on the market, from skin care, makeup products, makeup brushes and the like. But we cannot just use them since we do not have the same skin types, face features that would definitely change our perspectives on how to use these things.

Want to find out how? 

Join her to find out how to make the most of your beauty!

The ad has all the details that you need. If you are interested, all of her contact information are found in the ad. So give her a call or ping her up when you have queries!

Enjoy the rest of the day beautiful beings!

19 July 2012

All About the Eyes Giveaway by Product Arena by Celline08

I am not a fan of contact lenses, maybe because I have this fear of it getting broken in my eyes. Scary! But for the benefit of the doubt, I will be giving myself a chance to try. So I decided to join this contest. Well, it will not hurt me, clicking buttons and making a short blog will be fun! Plus having a chance of winning so cute stuff.

I also wanted to try faux lashes which are very in these days! Who would not want a longer lash?

Here are the giveaway contents: 
  • Pair of PLANO Geo contact lens from Dull to Doll (HC-101)
  • Set (10 pairs) of crisscross design faux lashes
  • Beauty UK Palette in Day & Night

Exciting right? 

I am very hopeful to win this and start using them! Well, it's what every girl wants. :D

Photo from
So if you would like to get a chance to win, click on this LINK and follow the mechanics.

Good luck girls!

12 July 2012

Encara BB Cream Birthday Give Away by Aila Apolo

I have been a fan of make up and cosmetics just recently. Maybe because my insecurities kept on growing. My skin looked tired and exhausted and I keep on gaining weight. Waaaaaah!

Anyway, this led me to reading blogs and watching youtube for proper cosmetic products and proper application. So I started purchasing them.

A friend told me that a good foundation is one of the basics of a good makeup. Because it will give you a flawless face and somehow cover all the imperfections.

Because I am a noob, I have purchased this foundation but it never worked for me. It was very white. Ugggh! 

Finally, I bumped into this BB Cream which has EXCELLENT reviews! It is the Encara BB Cream. 

Very detailed right? I was convinced and since it is more affordable than other BB creams, plus it is suited for Filipina skin, I got one for me!

And what's more exciting? She is giving away BB Creams for free. It is her birthday give away! I know you also want to join. So here it is! Just follow the steps to get a chance to win this fabulous BB Cream!

Click on the link below:

Makeup and My World: July 2012 Birthday Giveaway

Good luck to all of us! Keep spreading the news!

10 July 2012

TJ's 2nd Birthday Preparation

It's been a while since I've started my blog. I really wanted to post many things however I don't have a camera to take pictures of those things. Maybe I'll stick on my iPod touch for the mean time.

I have purchased several items that I would like to share with you. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things coming up on the next month. My baby will be turning 2 on August 2 (yehey! with teary eyes) and I've got a lot of things to prepare for the event.

Here's my checklist:

  • VENUE: Benguet State University Gladiola Center Hall 2
  • DATE and TIME: August 4, 2012 Lunch
  • INVITATIONS and TARPAULIN: Picture on the right is my inspiration.
  • FOOD: Catered care of Uncle Marlon
  • CAKE
  • Party Activities: We haven't decided yet if we will be hosting a party or will just hold a movie-themed party. By the way, the party will be Smurf-theme since my little boy is so addicted with this movie. He watches it several times a day, yet he has the same reaction as if it was his first time to see it. SO CUTE!
Who wouldn't fall in love with them? They're adorable!

Video courtesy of YouTube.

Sadly, I haven't finished my checklist yet and I just have a few days left to prepare. I need to manage my time to finish this asap.

Good luck to me. I will be posting the pictures of the party soon.