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12 July 2012

Encara BB Cream Birthday Give Away by Aila Apolo

I have been a fan of make up and cosmetics just recently. Maybe because my insecurities kept on growing. My skin looked tired and exhausted and I keep on gaining weight. Waaaaaah!

Anyway, this led me to reading blogs and watching youtube for proper cosmetic products and proper application. So I started purchasing them.

A friend told me that a good foundation is one of the basics of a good makeup. Because it will give you a flawless face and somehow cover all the imperfections.

Because I am a noob, I have purchased this foundation but it never worked for me. It was very white. Ugggh! 

Finally, I bumped into this BB Cream which has EXCELLENT reviews! It is the Encara BB Cream. 

Very detailed right? I was convinced and since it is more affordable than other BB creams, plus it is suited for Filipina skin, I got one for me!

And what's more exciting? She is giving away BB Creams for free. It is her birthday give away! I know you also want to join. So here it is! Just follow the steps to get a chance to win this fabulous BB Cream!

Click on the link below:

Makeup and My World: July 2012 Birthday Giveaway

Good luck to all of us! Keep spreading the news!

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