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19 July 2012

All About the Eyes Giveaway by Product Arena by Celline08

I am not a fan of contact lenses, maybe because I have this fear of it getting broken in my eyes. Scary! But for the benefit of the doubt, I will be giving myself a chance to try. So I decided to join this contest. Well, it will not hurt me, clicking buttons and making a short blog will be fun! Plus having a chance of winning so cute stuff.

I also wanted to try faux lashes which are very in these days! Who would not want a longer lash?

Here are the giveaway contents: 
  • Pair of PLANO Geo contact lens from Dull to Doll (HC-101)
  • Set (10 pairs) of crisscross design faux lashes
  • Beauty UK Palette in Day & Night

Exciting right? 

I am very hopeful to win this and start using them! Well, it's what every girl wants. :D

Photo from
So if you would like to get a chance to win, click on this LINK and follow the mechanics.

Good luck girls!

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