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31 July 2012

Review: Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One Shine-Free Foundation

I am in a hunt of drugstore products that are effective for me. First, because they are far cheaper than high-end make up brands that will surely cost me a fortune. Another reason is, drugstore makeups are readily available so I can purchase it anytime. Also, I can try them on first before purchasing, unlike the products sold online.

I want to have a powder foundation to set my BB Cream. I have made a review on EnCara BB Cream on my last post. The product is good but I need to set it with a powder foundation to lengthen the makeup and to match the color to my skin tone.

I went to the mall last time to check out and try some powder foundations and I found this Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One Shine-Free Foundation.

The product is contained in a box and another paper sleeve. The package is very girly because of the green and pink color combination. The back part points out all the benefits of the product. It claims:

  • Shine Control. Blend of water and sebum repellent powders keep skin matte and wonderfully fresh throughout the wear.
  • High UV Protection. SPF 25, among the highest in sun protection, shields from skin darkening, with PA++ for added protection
  • Instant Fairness. Infused with pro Vitamin C it instantly makes skin look fairer and more natural.
  • Dark Spots Blend Away. Ultra-fine powders and coated pigments effortlessly cover spots for fair and even skin.
  • Long Lasting. Breathable and lightweight, makeup stays true and even throughout the wear.
  • Visibly smooth complexion. Silky soft texture glides to visibly even out skin's surface for a smooth complexion.
  • Conceal Blemishes and Pores. Blemishes and pores are instantly concealed traceless. Skin looks flawless.
  • Tone Perfecting. Developed for South East Asian skin tone, each shade blends effortlessly all over for a natural non-cakey finish.
Now. let's take a look on the product itself.

It is in a very light pink sleek container. The foundation is on the left side and a sponge on the right. The container of the sponge has holes on it, which I think is for aeration. It also has a compact mirror which is very convenient. 

Here's a peek on how it looks on my face.

Left to Right: BB Cream applied; Applied Maybelline powder foundation; After 5 hours with the foundation on
I am not actually sure this time if the product works well for me. These photos were just taken with the day spent at home. I will be making another review with different makeup base/liquid foundation and different day activity.

But I love this as of the moment because:
  1. It gives a full coverage.
  2. The product is affordable for Php249.00.
  3. It is available on drugstores.
More updates will be posted soon. Please don't forget to follow me for updates. :)


  1. ooohhh I like the way that it blended your skin with the bb cream, so flawless... :) I saw you in kim of kimposibly gorgeous, and I saw that you also won yourself a matte factor lip paint.. :) hope that you drop by my blog sometime.. added you on facebook but I can't seem to follow you? :/

    1. Hi Nicole :) Thanks for dropping by! :) Yes, it actually gives a very flawess finish on my skin. But it's combination with the BB cream does not work on my face. I have a very oily face and I am still in search of a makeup base that would work. :) I was so lucky to won that prize, it was the last contest and it was the only one I joined in. Let me fix my facebook and I'll keep you posted. Thanks again! :)

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