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10 July 2012

TJ's 2nd Birthday Preparation

It's been a while since I've started my blog. I really wanted to post many things however I don't have a camera to take pictures of those things. Maybe I'll stick on my iPod touch for the mean time.

I have purchased several items that I would like to share with you. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things coming up on the next month. My baby will be turning 2 on August 2 (yehey! with teary eyes) and I've got a lot of things to prepare for the event.

Here's my checklist:

  • VENUE: Benguet State University Gladiola Center Hall 2
  • DATE and TIME: August 4, 2012 Lunch
  • INVITATIONS and TARPAULIN: Picture on the right is my inspiration.
  • FOOD: Catered care of Uncle Marlon
  • CAKE
  • Party Activities: We haven't decided yet if we will be hosting a party or will just hold a movie-themed party. By the way, the party will be Smurf-theme since my little boy is so addicted with this movie. He watches it several times a day, yet he has the same reaction as if it was his first time to see it. SO CUTE!
Who wouldn't fall in love with them? They're adorable!

Video courtesy of YouTube.

Sadly, I haven't finished my checklist yet and I just have a few days left to prepare. I need to manage my time to finish this asap.

Good luck to me. I will be posting the pictures of the party soon.

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