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29 July 2012

CLOSED | Giveaway by MakeUpLove x FavorDeal Jewelry

Who wouldn't want vintage? They look so elegant when used accordingly. From earrings, to necklaces and watches, every piece says something about you!

So here's a giveaway by one of the bloggers I am following. She wants us to try these fab accessories that she have.

Here are the prices:

Photo owned by MakeUpLove

Winner 1 will get the Vintage Jewelry Set Auger Cute Owl Shape Ladies' Stud Earrings.
Winner 2 will receive the Vintage Unique Tennis Bracelet for Ladies.
And winner 3 will get the National Orange Yellow Beads Sexy Bib Necklace.

Lovely babies aren't they? Who wouldn't want to have those?

For more information about the give away, please follow this LINK and the mechanics are there! Good luck to us guys!

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