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26 September 2012

Sigma Beauty Travel Brush Kit Giveaway by Dream Makeup

SIgma Travel Brush Kits up for grabs!

So if you want to have a chance of winning, please click HERE to see how!

Good luck ladies!

25 September 2012

A Song from the Heart

Hey everyone! Excuse me for the non-beauty related post. I just want to share with you a very memorable song that surely hit my heart every time I listen to it.

Here's Purest of Pain by Son by Four
Video from Youtube and lyrics from

I'm sorry I didn't mean to call
but I couldn't fight it
I guess I was weak and couldn't even hide it
and so I surrender just to hear your voice
I know how many times I said I'm gonna to live with out you
and maybe someone else is standing there beside you
but there's something baby that you need to know
that deep inside me I feel like I'm dying
I have to see you it's all that I'm asking.
Vida, give me back my fantasies
the courage that I need to live
the air that I breathe
carino mio, my world becomes so empty
my day's are so cold and lonely
and each night I taste
the purest of pain.
I wish I could tell you I'm feeling better every day
that it didn't hurt me when you walked away
but to tell you the truth I can't find my way
and deep inside me I feel like I'm dying
I have to see you it's all that I'm asking.
Vida, give me back...

Whew! Tagos sa puso!

I am listening to my Youtube playlist while working which I realize it keeps me going.

What is/are the song/s that always capture your breath when you listen to it/them?

21 September 2012

Stay Oil-Free with Krave Oil Eliminator and Skin Hydrator

I finally got a hand on this raved about product from Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals, the Oil Eliminator and Skin Hydrator with Pearl Powder.

Product claims:

NON- COMEDOGENIC (won’t clog pores)
NON-ACNEGENIC (won’t cause acne break outs)

We highly recommend Krave Minerale’s OIL ELIMINATOR and SKIN HYDRATOR not just for oily gals but for all make up users out there.

OIL ELIMINATOR and SKIN HYDRATOR is translucent so it won’t interfere with other mineral makeup colors you are wearing. Plus, it is specifically formulated to virtually erase the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles & large pores when applied.

Our formula includes 2 of the healthiest ingredients:

1. PEARL POWDER that aids in healing, skin brightening, anti-wrinkling, and sun protection. It also exfoliates the skin and promotes new cell regeneration.

2. SODIUM HYALURONATE the world’s powerful skin hydrator which brings balance to your complexion & keeps your make up application fresh all day long.

Who wouldn't want an oil-free face? So I told myself I have to try this one and test it on my super oily face. It costs Php285.00 for 3g of product. Not bad right?

The container may cause a bit mess on your vanity tables since like the other loose powders, it is in a plastic container and a twistable cover. There is a plastic semi-cover with holes in the middle. Sorry, I am a noobie when it comes to packaging but you know what I mean right? Haha! It also has a powder puff inside however I was not able to take a photo of it since I am not a fan of powder puffs. I discarded it immediately and used a powder brush to apply it on my face. (I guess I have to work on that to give a more detailed post.)

Not blended.

Slighltly blended.

What I love about this is this is not an ordinary powder so it does not give your face a cakey look after applying it. I guess it's because of the pearl ingredients in it. It gives the face an instant matte finish without adding any colors on the face. Since I am not mestiza, this works perfectly for me. I don't have to worry about my face looking whiter.

I personally use this as a primer and a finishing veil. Whether, a liquid foundation, a BB cream or a powder foundation, I apply this first after my moisturizer and use it to set my face base concentrating on my T-Zone.

And the product is true to its words. Before using this, I usually gets oily after an hour of two, can you imagine how oily my face is? But with this, my face stays oil-free for almost five hours. Less touch-ups are thumbs up!

I am definitely going to stick to this one. I have also started using their skin care product which are also organic and helps reduce face oiliness.

You can get this amazing product at Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals or Women's Little Pleasures.

Have you tried this or tried an amazing product like this? Please share through the comment box.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

20 September 2012

Loving My Skin: My Current Facial Routine

My skin problems:

  1. Oily skin
  2. Large pores
  3. Red discoloration around the nose
  4. Pimple marks
  5. DARK under eye circles
  6. Warts around my cheeks
  7. Black heads
Whew! That's a lot! I know many girls can also relate to some of these problems. I have done researches on how to fix these problems. I found many blog posts and reviews about several products. So I decided to try them as well, it might also work for me. 

So here are my current skin care products that I regularly use:

L to R: Krave Moisture Souffle, Krave Fruttie Poreless Toner, Celeteque Brightening Eye Tuck plus Dark Circles Lightener, Cupine Aloepa facial Wash

KRAVE CUPINE ALOEPA Facial Wash. I love this facial wash primarily because it is made from organic products. With Mulberry leaves, Cucumber, Pineapple, Aloe Vera and Papaya.

 KRAVE FRUTTIE PORELESS Toner Spray. Like the facial wash, this toner is also organic. With watermelon, Cucumber and Aloe Vera.

KRAVE MOISTURE SOUFFLE Night Cream. Even if it states that this is a night cream, I still use this as my day moisturizer, just a little however. With Green Tea, Apricot, Papaya, Banana, Aloe Vera and Silk.


I just started with this regimen few days ago so more detailed reviews will follow.

Do you find these items interesting? You can find the Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals products at their website or you can visit Women's Little Pleasures on Facebook (for Baguio and Benguet clients).

What's your daily skin care routine? Please feel free to share and comment.

19 September 2012

SOS! Mascara This or That?

Hello lovely readers!

I have searched on different cosmetic products and found some that really works for me. However, my pouch is still incomplete because I do not have mascara. :( I wanted to try a mascara that is already tested for oily skin (if that matters) and waterproof of course. I need something that can stand any of my activities without smudging or running off.

I need your help. Please comment down any suggestions, they will be very much appreciated.

PS. I would love if your suggestions will be drugstore mascaras. Thank you. :)

Have a wonderful afternoon!

14 September 2012

On a Higher Level?

Hi everyone!

I have a lot of ideas in mind, and I don't even know how to deal with them.

Yet, I have some things that I really wanted to do. How about a youtube channel and makeup looks posts on my blog? Well I am not a professional makeup artist, I can't even master applying makeup on my face alone. I believe having a channel will give me more encouragement to do good on makeup. I will of course allow and accept comments and suggestions from my viewers and my readers.

Since I am newbie on these, I may even share some of the things I've learned to new makeup learners as well. But I am planning to make a Tagalog Youtube channel. It is not that I like to copy what other Youtube gurus did, but I want to be true to myself and to all of you that I can better explain using my own language.

I will try my best to give informative, simple and quality videos for you.

Do you think I will be successful with these plans? If you have suggestions or anything in mind, please comment below. Everything will be highly appreciated. Thanks much!

13 September 2012

The Lazy Look for a Lazy Day

Who says being alone is boring? I actually enjoy strolling by myself especially on days that my mind is so preoccupied with stress.

I went out the other day to do some errands. Of course, I was so lazy. The sun is very high and I had to walk from our house to the highway. And mind you, it's not a simple walk because the road is almost steep. So I had to put on comfortable clothes to get me through the day.

Since it is a lazy day, I put on a lazy makeup look. 

On my face:
Krave Complexion Perfection in Hazelnut
Krave Oil Eliminator and Skin Hydrator (used as primer and finishing veil)
Krave Blush Crush in Peach Sorbet

Eyes, Eyebrows and Lips:
Some random dark brown matte shadow for the brows and nose contour
Light yellow eye shadow
(I was too lazy, sorry for the over used word, I didn't even put on eyeliner and mascara, I just curled my lashes :D)
Miners The Matte Factor in Deep Red

 I wore a black loose I LOVE BICOL shirt given to me by a friend and a dark blue jeans from Crissa. I folded the sleeves of the shirt for a more chic look.

Paired my shirt and jeans with this pair of white Keds sneakers.

After an exhausting hours of walking, my stomach started to complain. I had to look for something that would my satisfy my hunger and is budget-friendly of course. The first thing that came to my mind was Pizza Hut's Panalo Meals. It is also my sister's favorite. We eat here almost every time we go out. Lalo na kung tipid mode!

 Like any other restaurants, the table is set with a plate, a spoon and a fork as well as a table napkin.

They placed a timer on my table to track how long my order should take before it will be served. It says on the board that if the meals are not served within 10minutes, your lunch will be free. I was looking at the timer wishing it will reach 10minutes before my lunch will be on my table. Unfortunately, everything was served at 6minutes and 17seconds. Sayang! Hahaha!

The Panalo Meals from Pizza Hut comes in different choices. From appetizer, main course and drinks. Too bad, dessert is not on the list.

 My favorite appetizer, Caesar Salad. Fresh lettuce with super yummy dressing. This is topped with crunchy bread, toasted bacon and cheese.

They also served it with complementary bread which is like the ordinary garlic bread. I had iced tea for my drinks. I was not able to take a photo but it is one of my favorite iced tea. 

 And for my main course, my ever so favorite carbonara. The recipe is so simple which makes it very delicious! Oozing with sauce!

 I don't usually have dessert for this meal, but this time I decided to try one. This is their Caramel Banana Sundae. It is a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream topped with caramel and sprinkled with sweet bananas. Yum! Heaven in every scoop!

My day was very tiring but the food turned it around. I went home with a happy stomach! Haha!

I forgot to mention, the Panalo Meal costs Php99.00 for the three and the Banana Caramel Sundae is 58.00.  So I paid roughly Php157.00, I don't remember the total bill exactly since there was a service charge added.

How about you, how do you find spending time alone? Do you enjoy it or you get bored? Let's share our stories. Just comment below. :)

06 September 2012

Thursday Afternoon Blues

I know we girls, or should I say ladies often comes to a point that we become emotional once in a while. Agree? Sometimes, it's because of certain reasons, but most of the time, no reasons at all! Hahahah! Crazy.

Every time I feel this craziness, I do something to cheer me up. So I thought of something different this time. Why not make a list of some things that would make me forget my depression.

Here's my Thursday wish list:

A complete set of Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream. I always wanted to have these because I super love matte creams on my lips. Since I have slightly thick lips, these matte lip creams will not make them look bigger.

 Sleek Makeup Face Contour Kit. I placed this on my list because I wanted my chubby cheeks and my wide nose to be contoured. Who doesn't want a sexier face right?

A set of eyeshadows. MAC is a high-end brand so this may be very impossible for me. Ugh :(.. But then again it's a wish. If not MAC a good collection of eyeshadows will do. :)

I also love to have a set of Sigma brushes. Basing on all the reviews from bloggers, these are very great brushes. I do not ask for the WHOLE Sigma brushes, but just the ones enough for my everyday use. :)

Whew! Now that made me smile. :))

But for now, a cup of coffee can heal a frowning heart. (Haha! May pinagdadaanan!)

Coffee, anyone?

Thetouchofyellow 1st Blogiversary Giveaway

Yay! Septemeber giveaways are puring like rain! Here's another giveaway from Thetouchofyellow for a milestone in her blogging. :) She is celebrating her first anniversary and will be celebrating it through a blog give away!

Don't they look awesome? Let me enumerate them:

  • Etude House Nymph Volumer Mist
  • Strip It Chocolate Sugaring Hair Removal Wax
  • Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm
  • Tony Moly Cats Wink Clear Pack No. 1
  • Nyx Round Lipstick in Narcissus
  • LA Colors Eye Design 30 Palette
  • Skin Food Rice Mask Wash Off

PLUS!!!! Consolation prizes will be awarded to the most number of entries!

So what are you waiting for? Click on this THETOUCHOFYELLOW 1sr BLOGIVERSARY GIVEAWAY for detailed instructions on how to join.

Good luck ladies!

Please don't forget to follow me for more giveaways!

04 September 2012

CLOSED | Dahlia Fashion Giveaway

A fun way to start September!

About Dahlia Fashion:

Dahlia is a huge fan of vintage British clothing, gorgeous prints and traditional inspirations. Its clothing is a warm blend of cleverly cut structures matched with fabulous fabrics, prints and bespoke detailing. Dahlia has its own unique personality and is ideal for girls with a nostalgic spirit. 

Company Overview:

Dahlia began at Portobello market born out of love and individuality by sisters Tracey and Leigh and quickly caught the attention of fashion devotees with its unique quirky outlook on fashion and style. This blossomed into the creative genius that has designed beautiful collections loved by “on trend” style junkies and Celebrities alike. 

Check out our current clothing on

Better yet, come visit us at our Boutique just off Carnaby Street, 8 Fouberts Place, London.

Dahlia Fashion is having a giveaway! 2 Dahlia fashion blouses are at stake. Here they are:

All you have to do is click on this LINK to get detailed instructions to join this fabulous giveaway!

Good luck ladies!


I am so impulsive in buying my stuff, especially when I get so down and depressed. I don't know, it just gives me a feeling of comfort, aside from going to a salon or spa of course. I just checked my stuff and I've noticed that there are things that I don't really use. I decided to sell them.

So here are my used stuff. All items were cleaned and sanitized.

MUA Lip Boom in OMG Php150.00 Swatched only.

Ever Bilena Blusher in Tangerine Php90.00 Swatched only.

MUA Mosaic Bronzer in Natural Glow Php150.00 Swatched only

AVON Dual Ended Eye Shadow Eye liner in Passionate Rose Passionate Plum Php80.00 Swatched only

AVON Luminous Concealer Stick in Almond Php70.00 Used once.

AVON One Great Mascara in Brown Php70.00 Swatched only

MUA Hide and conceal cover up stick Php120.00 Brand new

AVON Simply Pretty Dew Kiss Lip Tint in Sweet Pink and Rosy Kiss Php50.00 for the 2 Swatched only  (RESERVED)

AVON Simly Pretty Valentine Brights Colorbliss Lipstick in Fresh Rose Php60.00 

Mary Kay Nourishine Plus Lip Gloss in Sparkle Berry Php300.00 Slightly used

Danni Waterproof Eye Liner Cream in Black with Brush Php200.00 Brand new

Markwins International Eye Shadow (UK Brand) Php100.00

MUA Single Blusher in Shade 4 Php100.00 Swatched only. Item was destroyed upon shipping.  (RESERVED)

MAC (Replica) 12 Eye Shadow Palette Php50.00

Nichido Finishing Powder in So Natural Php70.00
What's exciting about the sale? You can avail of a 10% discount if you follow me via GFC. Just include your GFC name on the order form upon submission.

Enjoy shopping! Please follow for more blog sale soon!