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24 July 2012

Makeup Looks to Achieve

Hi girls! 

I know we all want to perfect even just one look for our daily routine. Sometimes it will take time to achieve it.

I have done A LOT of readings and watched Youtube channels for me to learn.

And based on my researches, I have some tips on what makeup looks should we recreate or follow.

The NO MAKEUP Makeup Look
Sounds confusing right? Confusing it may seem, it is the simplest makeup look and the most basic that we should learn. It doesn't need to add more colors to our faces. We just need to make our faces flawless and hide some imperfections. The basic makeup essentials are foundation (not necessary actually); concealer to hide blemishes and discolorations; a cheek/lip tint for the color to look more natural; a mascara/eyelash curler which ever you prefer and a lip gloss. I recommend to use a BB Cream because it acts as a foundation and a concealer in one.

This technique is somewhat similar to the first one however this time we may add more colors and products to our face. This makeup look is very essential primarily for everyday. The BACK TO SCHOOL look may fall into this look. Since we don't need to wear a heavy makeup at school. This is also very convenient because it doesn't take time to do. What we need are the following: foundation, a finishing powder to pack the foundation on our face, concealer if needed, bronzer and blusher, a neutral eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and a lip color.

Here we can be more experimental. This look may be used for the day or for the night. You just have to vary the colors for the specific event. You may use brown for the day makeup and purple for night look. The main goal of this look is to create a smokey eyes that everyone would fall for. There are many blogs and youtube channels that you can search on this.

This will be more challenging for us since we have to recreate a makeup look by someone famous. We do not intend to really look exactly like them but we will be using their look as a basis. Since they use high-end brands of make up, we can experiment on drugstore cosmetics to achieve the look.

This way of using cosmetics is very creative. There are no basis for this look. But you can have an inspiration to create a loo. For instance, the rainbow. Since the rainbow has many colors, you may put several colors on your eyes. No limitations, the way you want it! This is best use for creative shots and avante-garde shoots.

These information are self-opinionated. How about you, what are the looks that you like to master?

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