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26 July 2012

CLOSED | Glaminar Makeup Artistry Giveaway by Product Arena by Celline08

Hey ladies!

Do you want to attend a makeup workshop but doesn't have funds for it? Same here. :( There are many workshops coming out today and I REALLY REALLY wanted to join. Have you heard of Glaminar Make Up Artistry? I bet you already did.

So I stumbled on this giveaway shared by Product Arena by Celline08. She was very kind to share this opportunity with other girls and I am one of the hoping. :)

I have read her blog about her experience on the Glaminar Artistry Workshop she attended last month. It brought me more excitement when I read it because it sounds and looks fun. The beauty gurus that admire were there. And I drool over the products that they used. I am so wanting to be a part of it.

So I am sharing the opportunity to be blessed with this workshop. All you have to do is to visit this LINK to know more about the giveaway. By the way she's giving away Php1000.00 Gift Certificate for the workshop valid until September 31, 2012.

Photo owned by Product Arena by Celline08.

Who wouldn't want to join. All the information are there to get a chance to be the lucky one! Good luck to all of us!

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