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31 October 2012

LOTD: Makeup sa Bahay Look

This look might be very simple and you may wonder why I still use makeup at home. Well, I do not do it everyday. I just put makeup at home when I want to look prettier. :) Plus, I use webcam for work, I just want to see myself looking presentable. Vain me! LOL.

On this look, I used very minimal and lightweight products as much as possible.

My Bag On-The-Go: Featured

People would often see me carrying a bag big enough to contain my things and my baby's. And since I often go out with him, I make sure that everything we need is in my bag. I hate carrying extra luggage when it's just the two of us. Can you imagine how difficult would that be? Carrying your super heavy kid on the other hand and extra bags on the other? It's a no no. So I stick to using medium to large bags.

Ever Bilena Mini Haul

I am in search of cheap but quality products that are accessible. We sometimes neglect these products because there are many high-end products emerging like mushrooms in the market. 

They say that there's no harm in trying. And I so agree. :) Ever Bilena is a local brand found in any department stores here in the Philippines. You can also check their website and online catalog HERE.

Checking on their catalog, I found interesting products that are usually raved about online. I got two matte lippies and HD waterproof liquid eyeliner with 2 free eye pencils inside. How cool is that?

30 October 2012

I got mail: Prizes from Zamboanga Bloggers Collab Giveaway

OMG! You won't believe it but here's another prize from a giveaway! I just received one lately. Read my blog post about it HERE. And another one just arrived in the mail!

Here are my prizes for Zamboanga Bloggers Collab Giveaway!

Cute beanie hat | Mobile phone purse | | Ring | Dangling Earrings | Acne Soap | Hello Kitty shades | Yellow cracking nail polish | Pink ribbon polka dot hair band
I just want to share. It took me a while to get this parcel because the man in at JRS doubted if I really am the claimant because my name is not complete in the package! Haha! Good thing I was able to convince him and prove him that it was really for me!

Thank you again for this gifts! More power to you all!

Please check out my ongoing giveaway HERE. Thanks.

29 October 2012

Nail of the Week: Starry Warm Blue

To start the week, I decided to paint my nails again. Since I am loving light nail colors lately, I decided to get a baby blue one and just accentuated it with glitters and stars.

 I don't know exactly when this trend came out. Painting your ring finger with different color. In my case, I designed my ring finger with glitters and a star. Just to make it so cute. :)

My ring finger on a closer look.

 These are the colors I used. San San Nail Polish in Warm Blue and Chic Nail Color in Glaze.

How did you start your week? Does painting your nails give you excitement as well?

I got Mail: Prizes from Janna's Sassy and Girly 1st Anniversary Giveaway

Yay! I am so excited to share this with you!! :D I am fond of joining raffles through the net. Some were paid but the most fun part are the free raffles! That's one thing I enjoy on blogging. I am updated to giveaways by bloggers I follow.

And here it is, my first won raffle from Janna of

This was a giveaway opened 2 months ago to celebrate her 1st anniversary in blogging. The rules are very easy and simple so it was not that hard to join. You just have to be patient to update your FB and twitter status daily. After doing all the steps, I found my name posted HERE.

Here's what I got: The GIRLY LOOT PRIZE!

It was sent through me via LBC. But since the delivery does not reach our house, I had to ask them to deliver the goods to my parents'.

Pink and teal wallet | Etude House Bee Happy | Once Upon a Time Necklace | Kawaii Bow Connector ring | Black Racerback with Detachable Chain necklace

Beauty UK Eyeshadow Collection 5 |  ELF Eyeshadow Pot | Porcelain Face Mask | ELF Super Glossy Lip Shine in Angel | Wet n Wild Glassy Gloss Lip Gel in Sun Glaze | Beauty UK Lip Lust in St Tropez | Sassy Nail Color in Sapphire | Strip it! Chocolate Sugaring Tub
I am so happy to know that I won yet overwhelmed with what I received! I can't wait to try them and make reviews on them. I just noticed now that there's an item missing from the list, the NYX Jumbo Pencil in 607. Maybe Janna just overseen it. :) Thanks Janna! More power to you and keep on blogging! 

26 October 2012

CLOSED: The Project Awesome's Multi-Celebration Awesome GIVEAWAY: I joined

Bing Castro of The Project Awesome is hosting a fabulous giveaway!

Winner 1 will get:

5 e-GC's from BC Fragrance

Winner 2 will get:

5 e-GC's from BC Fragrance
Click HERE to know more about the giveaway.

Good luck ladies!

Fab Flats Plus Giveaway from Treasures to Keep

I am a mom of a 2 year old boy and needs to be on the go all the time. So I decided to give up my heels and stick to flat shoes. But still, I want them to be fab and comfortable.

My sister and I found a supplier of espadrilles shoes. We decided to resell them. But to assure the quality of the shoes, we tried to order first for ourselves before we put them on the market. We did not fail. We opened our first online shop, Treasures to Keep.

We provide affordable and fabulous espadrilles shoes that would suit everyone's needs. They are comfortable and stylish.

These are my favorite pieces, and I have a few of them :) Hihi. You can check the complete line of shoes HERE.

Since we love them so much, we will be giving away a pair of shoes to two lucky winners. The winners can choose what shoes and what size they want.

The giveaway will run from October 26 to 12:00 noon of November 10, 2012. Winners will be announced and notified on the evening of November 10. I will be shouldering the shipping.

Here's how to join:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

25 October 2012

PinkTober by Lazada Philippines

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and has something fun to celebrate it!

All you have to do is to comment on this LINK your TOP 5 PINK PICKS from Lazada and you can win LAZADA PHILIPPINES Swag daily! Try your luck ladies!

24 October 2012

Krave Moisture Souffle Night Cream: A Review

Moisturizers are our skin's best friend they say, and I totally agree! Having a combination to oily skin needs thorough and careful treatment. According to beauty experts, they are actually the hardest skin type to manage. Every skin type needs to be moisturized, even the oily ones. Our skin tends to be oily because they produce more oil to compensate with our skin's dehydration. So like out throats, we have to let them drink.

I have found a new brand of organic skin care and cosmetics through the internet. Basing on the experiences of others, I decided to try it to. And now, my skin loves Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals makeup and skin care!

One thing that I am loving is the Krave Moisture Souffle Night Cream. I got it for Php320.00 for a 20-gram cream.

According to Krave's product description:

MOISTURE SOUFFLE night crème infused with GAPBAS (Green tea, Apricot, Papaya, Banana, Aloe vera & silk)


This is the most luxurious moisturizer you will ever find. We encourage you to enjoy the yummy scent of this product because of the many essential oils infused in it, unlikeother expensive brands that obtain their product’s scent by using chemically based preservatives & perfumes. You know how we hated those harmful & irritating chemicals. Moisture Souffle night crème smells luscious & feels incredible when applied. Replenished with 6 organic botanicals high in Vitamin B complex, folic acid, Vitamin C, vitamin A to help detoxify, supplies skin with sheer hydration & stimulate cell growth. Perfect for super dry skin that lacks moisture & balance, for the reduction of fine line & wrinkles & to even out skin tone. This moisturizer like soufflé will keep your face looking healthy & more radiant. 


1. GREEN TEA contains a cocktail of potent antioxidants called catechins, which help fight damage caused by free radicals. Helps soothes and revives dull & lifeless skin.
2. APRICOT eliminates skin blemishes & treats damaged skin. It is useful for maintaining skin clarity, suppleness, and elasticity.
3. PAPAYA exfoliates the skin revealing a healthier, whiter & glowing skin. Rich in antioxidants such as vitamin A.
4. BANANA composed of tissue-building elements, protein, vitamins including vitamin C, minerals & anti oxidant properties.
5. ALOE VERA It makes the skin smooth and glowing, hydrates the skin and relieves heat on the skin caused by sunburn. Excellent skin moisturizer.
6. SILK deeply stimulate the muscle tissue, retain the skin's natural moisture, preventing dryness, while absorbing excess sebum. For the acne prone, silk even contains anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Apply evenly on your face & neck. Do not over apply, little amount is always enough. Massage gently in an upward motion. Best to use after using CUPINE ALOEPA facial wash & FRUITTIE PORELESS toner spray. Gentle to use every night and even before applying your make up. 

It is in a plastic container with a twist-open cap and another cover inside. The packaging is like the other creams, nothing so special about it. 

The cream is thick but it doesn't bother me. It actually gives me an assurance that the consistency actually helps lock in the moisture and I was right. It feels heavy on the skin at first, but wait til it dries and absorbed by the skin. My skin feels so soft and supple when I wake up. My skin doesn't look dull rather it gives it a healthy glow. 

One thing I love about it is the scent. It smells like ummmm.. close to Bath and Body Works' Warm Vanilla Sugar. It's so yummy, like I want to taste it. Haha.

 This is how it looks on the back of my hand. So thick and opaque.

After applying it evenly on the skin, it doesn't look like you have something on it. But the skin is soft and super bango!

I also use this as my morning moisturizer. Since it is intended to be a night cream and they do not have a day moisturizer  I first asked Krave's specialist if I can also use this as an alternative. Gladly, it was okay. But I still requested them if they can formulate a day-moisturizer. So I apply a lesser amount on my face in the morning. The effect was good. But since it leaves my skin a little shiny, I apply Krave Skin Hydrator and Eliminator (REVIEW) as my powder/ primer/ finishing veil. After that, everything was perfect! And for maximum results, I use Cupine Aloepa Facial Wash and Fruttie Poreless Toner.
  • HITS: Scent | Consistency | Moisturizing effect | Can be purchased online (Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals or Women's Little Pleasures)
  • MISSES: The packaging: I wish it will be in a pump container or in a tube (for hygienic purposes) | Price: Quite expensive
  • RATING: 4.5 out of 5.
Do you have an oily-combination skin like me? If yes, what moisturizers work perfectly for you? Kindly share your facial routines, it might work for me as well. Thanks!

23 October 2012

Facebook Page just Opened

Just an update. Hihi. I just made a Facebook page related to my blog. I will be posting basically blog updates as well.

I just thought it will be a good way to keep my readers updated about my blog in a more organized way.

I named it Yellows and Butterflies because I just yellows and butterflies. Haha, what a very clear explanation (sarcastic laugh)! However, it's just really the reason. These two things are close to my heart and they best describe me.

I hope you can check it out! Click this LINK. By the way, it's still in the process. So if you have requests and suggestions, please feel free to comment below or post on my page.

Hermosa Octoberfest Giveaway: I Joined

Another HUGE giveaway! Check it out!

Banner pa lang, winner na!

Here are the prizes:

Whew! That was a lot! Exciting right? I already joined! Get a chance to win one of these fab prizes by clicking HERE or clicking on the photo on the sidebar.

Good luck to us ladies!

Etude House Easy Brow Pencil No.2: A Review

A woman's crowning glory! That's our hair and I believe that the eyebrows are included there. This small area of hair growth is very essential to accentuate one's facial features. Thus, like our hair, our eyebrows should be groomed to be presentable.

I do not have sparse eyebrows. Actually, my eyebrows are thick, long and dark. I guess it comes along with the fact that I have thick hair as well. 

When I was younger, I didn't mind if my brows are bushy, as in sabog talaga and kalat kalat. Until I came to reality that I needed to trim and groom them. I didn't know how to do it myself then so I regularly go to the salon for eyebrow shaping and threading. Oh my, threading was a lot of pain. But comparing it to just shaving, the hair grows slower.

It's just this year that I took the risk to shape my own brows. I read articles and watch youtube gurus how they do it. And guess what, I am more confident to do it by myself now.

Anyway, the eyebrow grooming is not complete without filling it. Even if my brows are thick, there are still spaces that needs to be filled in. This is my first eyebrow pencil and I am loving it. Just keep reading to know why.

I bought this at Etude House for Php138.00. They have two shades of this. I got the darker one to match my dark eyebrows.

What interests me when I first saw it was it is double-ended. It has a brow brush on the other side of the pencil. Well, nothing too fancy but I find it practical and space saver.

I was surprised at first when I saw the pencil because it was color gray. Haha! I even asked the sales lady if it is really like that, she said it was just the coating. LOL. 

The brush is like other brow brushes. It is soft, just enough to blend the product on the brows and remove the excess.

So here's how it looks on my brows. I love it because it looks so natural when blended properly.

Here's a full look of it on my face. During the days when I don't feel like wearing heavy makeup, I only groom my brows and use my Krave Oil Eliminator and Skin Hydrator (read review HERE) and I'm good to go.

  • HITS: Packaging | Color | Creamy | Easy to blend | Can be purchased in almost all leading malls nationwide
  • MISSES: Price | Limited color choices
  • RATING: 4.5 out of 5

Insights? Do you think I gave this product justice?