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08 October 2012

Tired of the Usual Eyeliner Style?

Are you tired of the winged eyeliner look? Or tamad-tamarang (lazy) eyeliner look? I confess that I usually do the lazy eyeliner look. I just swipe my eyeliner over my lash line and that's it! But here's a fun way to try eyeliners, and who knows, you'll see a technique which suits you best.

Photo from google

What's your favorite eyeliner look?

This may not work for every human eyes (because of the eye shape and sometimes the eye color) but there's no harm in trying. Get your favorite eyeliner and try them one at a time!

Here's a guide on what eye shape do you have, you may start from here:

Please share your thoughts.


  1. I am too very lazy when lining my eyes T__T Thanks for sharing this! I will try them soon if laziness didn't strike! lolz =)

  2. Hi Janet! Same here, I usually don't take time to line my eyes. But then again, practice makes perfect. :) Good luck to us. Please update me what eyeliner looks good on you. :)