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30 October 2012

I got mail: Prizes from Zamboanga Bloggers Collab Giveaway

OMG! You won't believe it but here's another prize from a giveaway! I just received one lately. Read my blog post about it HERE. And another one just arrived in the mail!

Here are my prizes for Zamboanga Bloggers Collab Giveaway!

Cute beanie hat | Mobile phone purse | | Ring | Dangling Earrings | Acne Soap | Hello Kitty shades | Yellow cracking nail polish | Pink ribbon polka dot hair band
I just want to share. It took me a while to get this parcel because the man in at JRS doubted if I really am the claimant because my name is not complete in the package! Haha! Good thing I was able to convince him and prove him that it was really for me!

Thank you again for this gifts! More power to you all!

Please check out my ongoing giveaway HERE. Thanks.