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29 October 2012

Nail of the Week: Starry Warm Blue

To start the week, I decided to paint my nails again. Since I am loving light nail colors lately, I decided to get a baby blue one and just accentuated it with glitters and stars.

 I don't know exactly when this trend came out. Painting your ring finger with different color. In my case, I designed my ring finger with glitters and a star. Just to make it so cute. :)

My ring finger on a closer look.

 These are the colors I used. San San Nail Polish in Warm Blue and Chic Nail Color in Glaze.

How did you start your week? Does painting your nails give you excitement as well?


  1. really cute ^_~ I'm loving the warm blue shade by san san! its really pretty ^_~

    1. Thanks Janet! :) I love the color too.. It's just watery for me so I needed to apply several coats for it to be opaque. :)