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20 October 2012

Challenge Accepted: Nestle Fitnesse 14-Day Challenge

Now I got tired of feeling so heavy with myself and ALWAYS trying to hide my tummy. It's not because I am pregnant (LOL) but I have gained so much weight. I guess it is primarily because of improper stress-handling. I know many of you can relate with that. Every time I am stressed, I notice myself always craving for food, and my comfort food is pasta. And actually anything else that would satisfy my taste buds. It is a VERY BAD habit, and now, I usually get depressed with how I look. I tend to have low self esteem most of the time.

Reading all the comments and suggestions of bloggers about this challenge, I finally decided to try it myself.

I got a box of Fitnesse Clusters Banan Nut partnered with Nestle Low Fat Milk.

The cereals is so intriguing and I decided to get this because for sure there will be a variation in taste because of the nuts and the bananas. :)

A low fat milk is the perfect pair for this challenge to lessen the excess fat absorption.

I will TRY my best to stick to this plan for 14 days and discipline myself from eating unless necessary. No more "illegal" breaks for me. It is instructed in the package to take the cereals in the morning and evening and one may take a full balanced meal during lunch time.

I hope it will be successful. Updates will be posted after the 14th day. :)

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