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31 October 2012

My Bag On-The-Go: Featured

People would often see me carrying a bag big enough to contain my things and my baby's. And since I often go out with him, I make sure that everything we need is in my bag. I hate carrying extra luggage when it's just the two of us. Can you imagine how difficult would that be? Carrying your super heavy kid on the other hand and extra bags on the other? It's a no no. So I stick to using medium to large bags.

 This is my current favorite bag. It's a yellow largish Secosana bag. I got it for Php750.00 since it was on 50% sale. It's really a good buy!

There is a zipper at the back. I usually put my cellphone here and anything that I usually need. Like my coin purse or my keys.
The brand tag is in front engraved in a silver metal.

 This is how it looks on the side. There is a buckle in each side which are adjustable.

Look how spacious it is! It has also a cellphone pocket inside plus a zip pocket. There's really so much that you can put in it! I usually bring my wallet, my kikay kit, a folding umbrella, baby's diapers, baby wipes, baby's extra clothes, a bib, and towelettes. I sometimes bring food and a bottle of water.

I so love this bag! I love the color, the size and it is very comfortable to carry!

Do you also love big bags? 


  1. I am a fan of big bags especially the roomy one!Even though I always need to dig up just to search for my keys but I still love big bags ^_~

    1. I super agree! :) It just feels like as if something is missing of I don't have a bag to carry around! :)