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02 October 2012

My Baby's 2nd Birthday

This is a super past due post. My first post was about my baby's 2nd birthday preparation and I haven't made any updates yet. So here it is, warning, photo heavy. :D

His birthday was August 2, 2010 but since it fell on a Thursday this year, we moved it on a weekend so that many would be able to attend.  However, we still had little celebration at home last August 2, 2012.

Food prepared at home

My favorite picture. His Mama (my Mama) on the left and Lola on the right.

With Papa (my Papa)

The birthday celebration was scheduled last August 4, 2012 at BSU Gladiola Center.

It was a customized cake. But met an accident on the way to the venue. I'm glad it was saved. Whew!

Game prizes!

Goody bags.

Time to blow the candle!

He was tired. He fell asleep.

And now, this is the part that the kids (actually that includes me) waited for. The bubble show where you can stand inside the bubble. Cool!

Me and TJ inside the balloon.

With his Daddy.

It was a very tiring but super fun day! Time to wrap up!

With Daddy, Mommy, Ninang Shara, Ninang Mervs and Tito Ian.
Thank you for all who came. And for the gifts as well.

I was not able to post all the pictures but it was a fun day! Thank you everyone!

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