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23 October 2012

Etude House Easy Brow Pencil No.2: A Review

A woman's crowning glory! That's our hair and I believe that the eyebrows are included there. This small area of hair growth is very essential to accentuate one's facial features. Thus, like our hair, our eyebrows should be groomed to be presentable.

I do not have sparse eyebrows. Actually, my eyebrows are thick, long and dark. I guess it comes along with the fact that I have thick hair as well. 

When I was younger, I didn't mind if my brows are bushy, as in sabog talaga and kalat kalat. Until I came to reality that I needed to trim and groom them. I didn't know how to do it myself then so I regularly go to the salon for eyebrow shaping and threading. Oh my, threading was a lot of pain. But comparing it to just shaving, the hair grows slower.

It's just this year that I took the risk to shape my own brows. I read articles and watch youtube gurus how they do it. And guess what, I am more confident to do it by myself now.

Anyway, the eyebrow grooming is not complete without filling it. Even if my brows are thick, there are still spaces that needs to be filled in. This is my first eyebrow pencil and I am loving it. Just keep reading to know why.

I bought this at Etude House for Php138.00. They have two shades of this. I got the darker one to match my dark eyebrows.

What interests me when I first saw it was it is double-ended. It has a brow brush on the other side of the pencil. Well, nothing too fancy but I find it practical and space saver.

I was surprised at first when I saw the pencil because it was color gray. Haha! I even asked the sales lady if it is really like that, she said it was just the coating. LOL. 

The brush is like other brow brushes. It is soft, just enough to blend the product on the brows and remove the excess.

So here's how it looks on my brows. I love it because it looks so natural when blended properly.

Here's a full look of it on my face. During the days when I don't feel like wearing heavy makeup, I only groom my brows and use my Krave Oil Eliminator and Skin Hydrator (read review HERE) and I'm good to go.

  • HITS: Packaging | Color | Creamy | Easy to blend | Can be purchased in almost all leading malls nationwide
  • MISSES: Price | Limited color choices
  • RATING: 4.5 out of 5

Insights? Do you think I gave this product justice? 


  1. I have always been suggested by friends to try etude's eyebrow pencil as it works great on them~ by seeing the photos above, it def look nice ^_~ thanks for sharing and great review ^_~ BTW, you don't look haggard at all! you still look lovely on bare face ^_~

    1. Thanks Janet. :) You should give it a try, it is actually good and like I've mentioned, the color looks really natural. They also have another kind of eyebrow pencil, but the sales lady suggested I used this one since I have thick and dark brows. The other variety I believe is for thin eyebrows.

  2. I use the same brow pencil. my shade is always out of stock! Argh! anyway, i just followed you. Mind to follow back?

    1. Thanks for dropping by and following my blog. I guess we should have an alternative for everything.. Hahaha.. Please share to me what alternative you use, thanks! By the way, followed you back. :)