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24 November 2012

Sophie Lipstick in Summer Pink, Velvet Nude and Red Pepper: A Review

Are you in a hunt for an affordable but quality lipstick? Try this Sophie Martin lipsticks! They only cost Php79.00 and you can get them from any Sophie Martin dealers and outlets nationwide. You can also check Sophie Martin PH website for full list of their products.

I have 3 shades of the lipstick-- Summer Pink, Velvet Nude and Red Pepper. Summer Pink and Velvet Nude are actually my first-purchased lippies. For a makeup beginner, I just want to put something on my lips without everybody noticing that I have one! OMG, so ironic, what's the use of the lip color if you don't want others to see it? Anyway, since I am more confident now to wear bold lips ie, red once, I also got this Red Pepper.

L-R: Velvet Nude, Summer Pink, Red Pepper
Velvet Nude is a brownish color. It is perfect for everyday use. You can also use this with intense eye makeup, to balance the look.

Summer Pink is a bright pink color. Is is also perfect for everyday makeup, and for the pa-sweet days.

Red Pepper is bright red. Perfect for formal occasions, on the go look (when you want to tone down on your face and eye makeup), night outs and date looks.

The lipsticks are very creamy but crease on dry lips. So I recommend to exfoliate and moisturize your lips well before applying these products. It doesn't dry your lips and they are buildable though I find it difficult to apply on my lips. My lips have dark outline so I need to put a generous amount for it to match but I hardly achieve that. I still need to apply lipliner to get that max coverage. The most difficult for me to apply is the Summer Pink because since it is very light, it does not cover my dark lines. And when I reapply it, it does not  distribute evenly. I guess it may be better to apply it using a lip brush (IDEA!).

Another good point is you get what you see. Look at the swatches! They are very beautiful as they look!  What's sad about this is I don't get the same results on my lips. :( Maybe because my lips are dark.

Here are the swatches, lipsticks alone, no lipliners applied.

Velvet Nude

Summer Pink
Red Pepper

  • Price: Very affordable at Php79.00 each
  • Accessibility: Available at any Sophie Martin Outlets and dealers nationswide
  • Packaging: Black which is very elegant. The prints are in pink, very feminine!
  • Color: What you see is what you get!
  • Consistency: Creamy, which does not dry lips
  • Color Choices: Available in various shades
  • Staying power: Doesn't stay on lips for a long time
  • Pigmentation: Not very pigmented
  • Creases on dry lips
VERDICT: I would repurchase and try other shades. I'll give it a 4 out of 5.

I hope this was helpful in choosing an affordable lipstick for you.


  1. all the shade are so pretty!!! thanks for sharing ^_~

  2. You're welcome Janet! I am planning to try the other shades too. :)