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16 November 2012

Krave Detox and White Minerale Mud Masque: A Review

I just recently updated my skin care and another Krave product was added. It is the Krave Detox and White Mineral Mud Masque. To break the record, this is actually the first ever face mask that tried.

According to Krave's description:

Rosehip oil and 2P (Pineapple, Papaya) + 3G (Ginseng, Green tea, Ginkgo biloba)


Normal cleansing isn’t just enough. Use DETOXn’WHITE Mineral mud masque that contains many natural skin reviving properties that helps to improve your overall complexion. Detox your skin with our unique & effective 2P + 3G formula mask with rose hip oil that helps to clarify & whiten skin, shrink pores, relax tired muscles and replenish moisture. No matter what your skin routine is, using this at least once in a week will restore your skin’s elasticity and leave your face silky smooth. Enjoy the 6 Skin beneficial key ingredients of this masque.


1. ROSEHIP OIL clarifies scars, including acne scars and old scars, dry eczema, repairs damaged skin cells of all sorts & reduce wrinkles.

2. PINEAPPLE contains enzymes that make skin elastic, improve skin hydration, diminish age spots and remove damaged and dead cells.

3. PAPAYA exfoliates the skin revealing a healthier, whiter & glowing skin. Rich in antioxidants such as vitamin A.

4. GINSENG an anti-aging skin treatment, ginseng contains a large number of phytonutrients. These phytonutrients can stimulate and activate the skin's metabolism and blood flow to regenerate and tone. It can also brighten the whiteness of skin.

5. GREEN TEA contains a cocktail of potent antioxidants called catechins, which help fight damage caused by free radicals

6. GINKGO BILOBA a powerful Antioxidant that has detoxifying qualities. Found to improve circulation by helping to increase healthy blood flow to skin. Known for its anti-aging properties that give a healthier, rosy, younger looking skin.

The product is contained in a plastic just like usual face cream products. It is dark-green in color and very textured. It seems like it has fine particles on it, nothing to worry at all. The scent is also very distinct. I can't actually distinguish the exact but it has a fruity-minty scent combined. It doesn't smell like any beauty products that I've tried before. But I can say that this was made from organic products because of its scent.

This is how it looks on my skin. The hair, OMG! Haha. I applied it evenly as possible making sure that everything is covered and avoiding the eye area. I used my hand to apply it but I think you can use a brush if you wish to.

My experience: After applying it on my skin, it feels cool. But after a while, some parts of my skin felt a stinging sensation. This was not on my whole face though. The stinging sensation was concentrated on my cheek bones, these are the parts that are dry. So immediately after feeling this, I immediately washed it with warm water. The stinging stopped after the product was removed. And I checked on my face, there was no redness. I know that my skin was not irritated. I guess I have to use it at least twice a week for my face to get used to it. After washing, my skin feels great! It is softer and supple. By the way, I used Krave Cupine Aloepa Facial Wash (Php265.00 at Krave).

My verdict: I can give this product a 4 out of 5. It might have been 5 if I did not feel the stinging sensation. The result was amazing! Plus, this is organic that makes me confident that this would not harm my skin. Considering that may skin is not sensitive. You can get this for Php315.00 at Krave Minearale Cosmeceuticals or at Women's Little Pleasures. You can take advantage of their on going sale. All Krave products are up to 10% off until November 30, 2012. Hurry!


  1. I'm kinda hesitant in trying this because of the stinging sensation.. Thanks for the review! :)

    1. Hi Eyah! I guess the stinging sensation is not felt by everyone. I have a combination skin and only my dry spots feel that. :) The results are amazing though. :)