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15 November 2012

Cath Kidston Theme + How to Customize Google Chrome Theme

I am so loving my new browser theme! I use Google Chrome because personally I find it faster than any other browser. And since it is user-friendly, you will not find it difficult to use.

Changing the theme is really addictive, as if you're regularly changing your mobile phone's casing, wallpaper, screen saver and the like.

My current theme is Cath Kidston theme. I so love it because it is very feminine. I love the pinks, the flowers, uhhh, I just love it!

So if you want to try to have one of yours, here are simple steps. But before anything, pleaase make sure you have Google Chrome as your browser. If you don't have, you can always download it HERE.

 Moving on, here's how you can install a new theme.

 And that's it. Just click on "Apply" and finished!

I hope it was helpful. Have a great day!

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