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04 November 2012

Reading for a Better Me

How was the long weekend guys? Mine was productive I guess. I had time to spend with my family and time to do little things at home. At least I can say I was productive somehow.

It's nearly midnight. 11:46 to be exact but I am still awake. I am spending my time reading before sleeping. Oops! Di not be impressed, I just started doung this just this month.

Because I am fond of watching KrisTV, which many others think that it is just chismisan, well it's not. I get to learn lessons in life through her segments. Recently, they featured some people who won books from her and Anne Curtis. The winners stated their personal reasons why they love reading, but one statement from Miss Kris Aquino struck me. "You become a better person through reading".

Because my life is such a roller coaster these past few years, I reflected on and told myself that these things may be happening because of me. So taking her advice, I brought myself to National Bookstore and Book Sale at SM.

This was my first purchased book. You might be wondering why I got this. Look, I don't have a perfect married life, first because I am not yet married. Haha. I picked this because I might get some pointers on how to be a wife or a partner at least.

I am currently enjoying the book, I am almost halfway through it. It made me proud of myself because there's something different in me now. I am doing something which I was not interested in before, which I believe will be beneficial.

If you have any suggestions of book titles that inspired you andmight do the same for me, please share it. It will be a big help. By the way, I want to read inspirational books, something that would make me a better me.
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A part which hit me, and made my laugh!
I think it should be!


  1. hi Marie Jane!

    You got an award from my blog :) I do hope you can check it out :)

    Thank you :)

  2. Hi sis! I want the book. Let me know if it's worth the purchase h. by the way i just followed you.
    Mind to follow back?

  3. Hi Keeza! Thanks for following! I was suppose to follow you back but hey, I already am! :)

    I think this is worth the read but not what I am looking for yet. hehe.. Gusto ko ngayon yung oarang mga chicken soup for the soul. Haha.