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27 August 2012

Your Nails Can't Go Wrong with Caronia Nail Polish Remover

Hey everyone! How was your week so far? Mine was okay, yah yah.. Nothing much. :D

So I decided to let my nails breath and every time I do this, I always says thank you to my nails' friend.

I have been using Caronia Nail Polish Remover for a while now because it works wonder on my nails. It actually removes the nail polish, even the glittery ones so perfectly. And one thing that I LOVE about this is it does not dry up my nails. Also, it does not leave any white stains around my nails not like the plain acetone.

The product is in a plastic bottle with a twist cap. The nozzle is covered with a foam with foil (ugh, sorry can't really describe, but you know what I mean right?) to prevent the liquid from spilling. So what I do is just make a small hole on it, just enough to dispense the product on a cotton ball.

I would definitely buy another one and probably use this everytime for cleaning my nails.

How about you? What product do you use to erase those polishes on your nails? I would love to hear about it.

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