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13 August 2012

CLOSED | Janna Marie Lopez's Anniversary Giveaway with a Twist

Here's another giveaway! Wuhoo, very exciting! After the non-stop rain, now there's non-stop giveaways!

Janna is celebrating her first year anniversary in Youtube and in blogging. She has been very detailed on her blog and creative on Youtube. I watch her videos to get inspiration on my looks. And I also am planning to upload videos on Youtube soon.

CONGRATS JANNA! More power to you!

So she's giving away fabulous items to her lovely readers, followers and subscribers.

There will be two winners of the giveaway. Here's a preview of the items:

Let me enumerate them.

Winner 1 will get:

  1. Makeup Academy trio eyeshadow in passion
  2. ELF eyelid primer
  3. NYX round lipstick in Margarita
  4. Krave Complexion Perfection in Hazelnut
  5. Krave Panacea Oil
  6. Krave Blush crush in Pink muffin
  7. Krave organic foundation in Cassata
  8. Triple P fruit masque
  9. Long chain necklace
Winner 2 will get:
  1. Krave Blush crush in Peach sorbet
  2. Krave organic foundation in Tiramisu
  3. Krave Oil Eliminator Hydrator
  4. Krave Pretty Young Thing
  5. Krave Correct and Conceal Mineral concealer
  6. Mist Spritz make up setting/ face mist
  7. Fruttie Poreless Toner spray

Wanna get them? I'm sure you do. All you have to do is follow the instructions on the link below:
Janna Marie Lopez's Anniversary Giveaway with a Twist

Good luck ladies!

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