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01 August 2012

CLOSED | Mich Eats and Shops Birthday Giveaway 2012

Mich loves eating and shopping! :) She just celebrated her birthday recently and wants to share her blessings to every hopeful girls (and I am one of them).

Lots of stuff right! To make it more exciting, let me enumerate them one by one:

  1. ELF 32-piece Palette
  2. ELF All Over Color Stick
  3. ELF Nail Polish
  4. Maybelline Lippies
  5. SM GTW USBs
  6. Bonus Coupons and Key Chains
To know more about this fabulous giveaway, there are two ways:
  • Check out Mich's blog HERE.
  • Click on THIS for the Rafflecopter app for more chances of winning.
Good luck guys!

Please don't forget to follow me and send some love.

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