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14 September 2012

On a Higher Level?

Hi everyone!

I have a lot of ideas in mind, and I don't even know how to deal with them.

Yet, I have some things that I really wanted to do. How about a youtube channel and makeup looks posts on my blog? Well I am not a professional makeup artist, I can't even master applying makeup on my face alone. I believe having a channel will give me more encouragement to do good on makeup. I will of course allow and accept comments and suggestions from my viewers and my readers.

Since I am newbie on these, I may even share some of the things I've learned to new makeup learners as well. But I am planning to make a Tagalog Youtube channel. It is not that I like to copy what other Youtube gurus did, but I want to be true to myself and to all of you that I can better explain using my own language.

I will try my best to give informative, simple and quality videos for you.

Do you think I will be successful with these plans? If you have suggestions or anything in mind, please comment below. Everything will be highly appreciated. Thanks much!

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