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26 December 2012

CLOSED | AV Fever Part 1: Makeup by Ana Patricia's Anniversary Giveaway

Ana Victorino's Look of the Day: Louis Vuitton S/S 2012

Ana is one of my favorite makeup guru. She's so talented and down to earth. Knowing she's young, even younger than me, she has accomplished so many things according to her passion. If you want to know her better, you can follow her blog, subscribe to her Youtube channel, be a part of her growing facebook page community and follow on twitter

She's having a giveaway now and one part of this is posting about makeup looks she has done. OMG! I got too excited because now we can all express how we love her works without thinking about the limited characters in the comment box. Hehe.. :) If you want to know more about the giveaway, click here. Happy Anniversary Ana! 

The prizes are awesome! These are my personal picks and I wish to have them: Beauty Cosmetics Perfection Brush Kit in Black, Skindinavia Spray, The Body Shop 4-Step Smokey Eyes Set, Revlon Photoready Primer, MeMeMe Shimmer Stack and MeMeMe Sunbeam Highlighter.

FAVORITE 1: Louis Vuitton S/S 2012

I so love this look because it is so feminine and very simple. The flawless face, the bright and well defined eyes, what else would you ask for? I also love how she used the highlighters properly which gave an even more sophisticated look. Everything is balanced, and toned down. Which makes it a look suitable for everyday and for special occasions. This will work for me since I am not fond of putting many colors in my face, I just want to have a flawless and fresh-looking face. One thing I so love about this (actually on all of Ana's makeup looks) is how she was able to make a fabulous look using local brands. Less is more. That's always what she says when people asks her about makeup advice. If you want to see how she did it, you can check her video HERE and the product list HERE.

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